Letter to the Crew

Dear Friends of Sails Up 4 Cancer-
Welcome to 2017. As Sails Up 4 Cancer enters the seventh year, I could not be prouder of the organization’s growth and accomplishments. SU4C continues to hold successful events and our charitable organization provides much-needed services and funds to the Southeastern Connecticut community.

Our Annual Regatta, Wellness Expo and Canvases for a Cause are the backbone of SU4C and these are only the beginning. We are participating in the Connecticut Spring Boat show for the third consecutive year. We have been the charity of choice – four years running – for the Subaru Share the Love Campaign, thanks to our dear friends at Holmgren Subaru. We also receive continual support from local sponsors and individuals.

We have a professionally produced short promotional film that will serve for future sponsorship campaigns and development. We are in the process of finding and working with professional grant writers who can cite the success of our Wellness Expo with the services in cancer education and the prevention it provides.

We are also extremely proud of our Spinnaker Fund and the accolades we have received across the board for our ability to fill a critical void in the lives of cancer patients.

We ended 2016 with a great Board meeting and a wonderful Christmas Party with members and friends.

Thus far in 2017, we have added two new Board members, have donated to L+M Cancer Center, Center for Hospice Care, and contributed to additional Spinnaker Fund recipients. We have established a new relationship with the Social Services Division of the L+M Cancer Center and have been the first to make a substantial donation to the Single Women’s Head of Household Cancer Assistance Fund.

With your help, I look forward to 2017 being the best year yet.
Yours truly
Bob Davis

Founder & CEO