Sails Up 4 Cancer awards $14,000 to L+M Hospital

Sails Up 4 Cancer was proud to be an honored guest at the sold-out L + M Gala on Saturday, September 28. Bob Davis, CEO and President of Sails Up 4 Cancer presented a $14,000 check to Bill Stanley during the event. Speaking to almost 600 attendees, Davis explained the great need for supporting the local hospital.
While, the evening’s focus was mainly on fund raising for the L+M Emergency Facility and services in New London, CT. Sails Up 4 Cancer provided these funds with the understanding that they are, and will be, ear-marked for the Patient Transportation Fund, Patient Exercise Program, and Beauty Boosters Program at L+M’s Cancer Center.
“On behalf of the Sails Up 4 Cancer Board of Directors, friends, and donors we are sensitive to the needs of our local Cancer hospital and are dedicated to its support. Sails Up 4 Cancer is extremely proud to be one of the first to acknowledge and contribute to this often neglected need,” said Bob Davis, Founder and CEO of SU4C.
“As they always do, Sails Up 4 Cancer has recognized an important cancer-related need in our community and stepped up to fulfill it. Very often, there is so much focus on cancer and the appropriate cures for it that some of the important incidentals – such as reliable transportation to and from treatment – can be overlooked. That is why we are so privileged to have a knowledgeable and generous partner like our good friends at Sails Up 4 Cancer. Their support for our Cancer Center and our patients over the years has been nothing short of incredible,” said Bill Stanley, Vice President of Development & Community Relations at L+M Hospital.
Sails Up 4 Cancer is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to funding research, education, care and prevention for all types of cancer.

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A Sold out room ready for guests at the Mystic Marriott.
Local business owner Jonathan Duncklee (Duncklee Cooling & Heating), CEO and founder of Sails Up 4 Cancer, Bob Davis and CT State Senator Heather Somers