American Association for Cancer Research – AACR

The mission of the AACR is to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, communication and collaboration. The membership includes 32,000 basic, translational and clinical researchers; health care professionals; and cancer survivors and advocates. The American Association for Cancer Research accelerates progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer through high-quality scientific and educational programs. It funds innovative, meritorious research grants, research fellowships and career development awards. The AACR publishes six major peer-reviewed journals and CR, a magazine for cancer survivors and their families, patient advocates, physicians and scientists.

American Cancer Society

Dedicated to helping persons who face cancer. Supports research, patient services, early detection, treatment and education.

Cancer Compass

Empowering cancer patients to make informed decisions.

Mesothelioma Center

The Mesothelioma Center at Provides information on mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. Also offers free services, such as Doctor Match and VA Assistance Programs.

Mesothelioma Explained

Malignant Mesothelioma: Learn about the Different Types of Mesothelioma. You may not know that your body has a thin membrane that will cover and even provide lubrication to different cavities within the body. It is called the mesothelium. Exposure to asbestos can lead to cancer in this lining, which is known as mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Fund

We help patients and families obtain compensation from asbestos trust funds.

Mesothelioma Guide

Mesothelioma Guide is your trusted ally in the fight against asbestos-related cancer. Our comprehensive guide includes up-to-date information about living with mesothelioma, top doctors and treatment options.

Mesothelioma Treatment Center

The Mesothelioma Treatment Community is dedicated to assisting those suffering from mesothelioma cancer by providing information on their diagnosis, life expectancy, and treatment options.

  • What is asbestos?
  • Mesothelioma treatment options.
  • Learn about Mesothelioma Cancer through videos.


United States veterans make up 30% of all mesothelioma diagnoses. Speak with an advocate today to learn more about the latest medical treatments, how to file a claim, and ways to receive compensation.

Mesothelioma Veterans Center

United States Military veterans make up over 30% of all patients with malignant mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos. Learn more about your benefits options with our VA-accredited claims agents, all free of charge.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)