For your next regatta, raise your sails to help those with cancer.

Partner with Sails Up 4 Cancer to make a difference in the lives of so many.

No one is free from the wrath of cancer – not men nor women, young nor old, black nor white.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate, it chooses its victims at random and without warning. Cancer can devastate families and rip the life right out from under you. Sails Up 4 Cancer is a non-profit corporation founded by a two-time cancer survivor who has an intimate relationship with cancer and cancer patients.

Sails Up 4 Cancer is reaching out to Yacht Clubs and sailing organizations for a unique opportunity. Simply put – Join our Team! As you will see in the Partnership Outline, Sails Up 4 Cancer needs your help to, in turn, help people battling cancer survive.

Survival means many things – not just continuing to live.

Sails Up 4 Cancer works to:

  • Alleviate stress and despair that comes from loss of income and additional financial burdens
  • Share educational resources and treatment options for those fighting
  • Raise much-needed funds for Cancer education, prevention, care, and cure

Working with SU4C, a recognized 501(c) 3 non-profit, will allow you to run your regatta plus add a fundraising component specific to the needs of your community and the needs of your friends and neighbors.

  • There is not a top heavy corporation accepting your money
  • Work with SU4C & you decide where and how you allocate funds you raise
  • SU4C gets a small percentage to continue with its mission

To para-phrase a good friend, fellow sailor, and cancer survivor.
“I believe that it is vital for sailors to help society in ways outside the sport of sailing”.
~ Gary Jobson, America’s Cup Winner

We are available to answer all of your questions and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,
Bob Davis
CEO & Founder Sails Up 4 Cancer • 860-383-5405 • WWW.SU4C.ORG