Dear Bob,

I am delighted to thank you for the wonderfully generous $2,500 grant awarded to Center for Hospice Care by Sails Up 4 Cancer.

Please let your fellow Board members know that this funding will translate directly into care for cancer patients and services to support their families. I know that Sails Up 4 Cancer has many options in investing its philanthropy in the community, which is why I feel such personal gratitude to you for your faith in Center for Hospice Care.

I look forward to keeping you and the Board up to date on the care and services you help us to provide. In the meantime, on behalf of our staff, please accept my deep thanks.”

– Sincerely, Carol L. Mahier, RN, MSN, President/CEO

Dear Bob and Karen,

I write to thank you again for Sails Up 4 Cancer’s generous $2,500.00 grant which allowed Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern Connecticut to provide free and subsidized home health care and supplies to qualified cancer patients.

During the 12-month grant period (December 2014-December 2015), this funding underwrote home care for six uninsured cancer patients as follows:

Service Provided # Visits Cost/Visit Total Cost
Skilled Nursing 18 $130 $2,340
Flu Shot 2 $102 $204
Medical Social Work 1 $190 $190

On behalf of VNASC staff who provided these services and the patients who benefited from their care, I offer our heartfelt thanks to Sails Up 4 Cancer for making this program possible.”

– Sincerely, Mary L. Lenzini, BSN, MA, CHCE, President

…our good friends at Sails Up 4 Cancer have been invaluable supporters of Lawrence + Memorial Hospital and our new Cancer Center. Not only have they provided generous philanthropic support, but they have been tremendously effective at spreading the word about cancer at their events.”

“As they always do, Sails Up 4 Cancer has recognized an important cancer-related need in our community and stepped up to fulfill it. Very often, there is so much focus on cancer and the appropriate cures for it that some of the important incidentals such as reliable transportation to and from treatment can be overlooked. That is why we are so privileged to have a knowledgeable and generous partner like our good friends at Sails Up 4 Cancer. Their support for our Cancer Center and our patients over the years has been nothing short of incredible.”

– Bill Stanley, Vice President, Development + Community Relations, Lawrence+Memorial Hospital

I wanted to thank you for having Be The Match part of another SU4C Wellness Expo! The team that attended had nothing but great things to say about the event. We registered another 12 individuals which is amazing. One of them could certainly go on one day to save a life and it’s all thanks to your organization.

You can certainly count us in for next year.

Once again, thank you!

– Jon DeCasanova, Be The Match – Community Engagement

For several years now, SU4C has generously helped the Sunshine Kids Foundation fulfill our mission of helping kids with cancer smile by providing fun, free activities… Most importantly of all, the kids are given a chance to escape the pain and isolation of treatment, and are made to feel like VIPs for the day. As a fellow survivor, Bob Davis holds a special place in his heart for these amazing pediatric oncology patients, and SKF hopes to continue this remarkable relationship with SU4C for many years to come.”

– Brooks Tomb, Director, Regional Offices, Sunshine Kids Foundation

The Sails Up 4 Cancer Expo is living the message by turning a curse into a blessing and helping us to heal. It shows us what our lives need to be about; caring for each other and learning from life’s lessons just as hunger leads us to seek nourishment. Every sailor knows you need to have the wind at your back filling your sails. The Sails Up 4 Cancer Expo is doing just that for all of us.”

– Bernie Siegel, MD

It has been a pleasure working with you over the years on the Leukemia Cup and other charities. You are very passionate about sailing and helping others. For this let me extend a hearty thank you. I believe that it is vital for sailors to help society in ways outside the sport of sailing…..Good luck with your fundraising on behalf of all cancers. Your service is important and appreciated.”

– Gary Jobson, America’s Cup Winner

Dear Bob,

I wanted to drop you a note thanking you and your board for the good works you are doing by helping my customers who have cancer.

Today an order was picked up by A.R. – who has stage 4 cancer. Her condition makes me so sad. She is only 33 years old and her insurance only pays half of her expenses. She is so appreciative of the help your fund offered her by paying half of her expenses.

I often have people who leave because they cannot afford their garments. One such customer was R.S. She picked up her custom night garment today because your fund gave her $1000 to help her out. She was able to pay for her daytime sleeve and a compression bra herself. Her husband was so grateful. Originally she had wanted to just say “forget it” because she needed Physical Therapy before i could fit her and she just didn’t have the time, money or energy to keep up “the fight”. She works 6 days a week and is on Medicare. She was so happy to get her new Night Garment and her other garments. Her husband was so pleased she has what she needs.

What you are offering these people is such a blessing during such a difficult time in their lives!

– Thank you, The Pink Mermaid, BOC Certified Orthotic and Mastectomy Fitter

We want to thank your organization for the check you sent us. It has helped to pay some bills as well as fill our pantry and freezer. This has really alleviated a lot of stress for the both of us.”

– With sincere thanks and appreciation, Mr & Mrs D, Griswold, CT, Spinnaker Fund Recipient

Sails Up 4 Cancer,
My husband ( patient ) & I want to thank you for the check you sent us for $250. You can’t imagine what a God send it was to us. We do appreciate it very much & will use it for good use.”

– Gratefully, Mr & Mrs G; God Bless You All, Spinnaker Fund Recipient

I spoke to Mrs D today who just received your generous check. Her husband is starting to decline and she said “ I really needed something good to happen and it did”. She is thrilled and relieved to have been helped so much by your grant and she wanted me to be sure and forward to you her gratitude.
Thanks for making one family’s struggle a lot more bearable.”

– Warmly, Bereavement Coordinator, Spinnaker Fund Recipient

Dear Folks at Sails Up 4 Cancer,

I received your generous support check and want to say thank you! It seems that this cancer experience is a long road with no end in sight. I lost my husband to a rare cancer in 2007 and then received my diagnosis in 2013. Your assistance felt like a big hug, which I truly appreciated.

-Sincerely, H.J., Waterford, CT, Spinnaker Fund Recipient

A special thanks from me to you. We cannot thank you enough for helping us through this very difficult journey. We greatly appreciate the assistance.

-R & C K., Uncasville, CT, Spinnaker Fund Recipient

Shannon Cavanaugh and the SU4C Board,

Thank you so much for providing me with a Spinnaker Fund Grant to help support my on going care, as I fight stage IV breast cancer.

-Love, A.L.R., Pawcatuck, CT, Spinnaker Fund Recipient