NEW LONDON, CT (May 12, 2023) – Lawrence + Memorial Hospital (L+M) announced today the receipt of a $25,000 grant from Sails Up 4 Cancer to provide high quality, patient-centered care to cancer patients receiving treatment at the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Waterford.

The grant will enable the hospital to assist patients through its Patient Assistance Fund with transportation to and from the Smilow Cancer Hospital in Waterford for treatment and physician appointments. 

From left: Kevin Torres, MD, associate chief medical officer, L+M Hospital; Bob Davis, founder and CEO Sails Up 4 Cancer; CT River One Design Regatta chairs Anne Edgley, Ruth Emblin and Carter Gowrie; Patrick Green, president and CEO, L+M Hospital; Alice Soscia, director of development, L+M Hospital; Catherine McCarthy, social work coordinator – Oncology, Smilow Cancer Hospital in Waterford; Mary Ann Nash, administrative director Oncology, L+M Hospital; Shannon Christian, vice president, Nursing,  L+M Hospital.

The fund also assists cancer patients who are facing food insecurity during their treatment. They will have the ability to receive nutritious foods during their cancer journey. In addition, funds are also earmarked for a patient exercise program to help promote optimal health and healing and a complimentary, education cosmetic program that provides cosmetics and wigs to boost self-esteem and confidence for women during and after treatment.

“Our Smilow care team is dedicated to providing patients affected by cancer and blood disease with individualized, innovative, convenient and caring medical treatment,” said Mary Ann Nash, administrative director, Oncology Services. “This generous grant from Sails Up 4 Cancer will give our patients continued access to vital programs that truly make a difference in their cancer journey. This gift will inspire hope in many lives and enables our staff to treat every patient with the greatest of care at all stages of their treatment.”

Sails Up 4 Cancer (SC4U) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, based in Mystic, dedicated to funding research, education, care and prevention for all types of cancer. The organization is responsible for distributing funds raised by the annual Gowrie Group Connecticut River One-Design Regatta on the Connecticut River in support of cancer research and treatment. The regatta is organized by several boating organizations: Essex, Essex Corinthian, Duck Island, Frostbite and Pettipaug Yacht Club.

“Sails Up 4 Cancer is delighted to provide this grant to L+M/Smilow Cancer Hospital,” said Bob Davis, founder and CEO Sails Up 4 Cancer. “I’m incredibly moved by the efforts of the area yacht clubs in our area for raising this money to support cancer patients in our area. It’s absolutely incredible. Sails Up for Cancer is community-centric, which means we support local people who really need help with their care. That’s why the Smilow Cancer Hospital in Waterford is always on our list for support.”

Regatta chair Ruth Emblin of Duck Island/Essex Corinthian Yacht Club, and title sponsor Carter Gowrie of Essex Yacht Club, the club hosting the event, would like to thank all participants, private donors, and corporate sponsors for their support in providing hope to cancer patients and their families.